Special Application Models (manual)

  • Short Headroom Type (SHB)

    This ultra-low headroom trolley hoist offers premium quality and durability in a low-profile package. With KITO's SHB hand chain hoist, the built-in geared trolley configuration minimizes the beam-to-hook distance, making it ideal for applications where longer hook travel is required. This hoist is also ideal for demanding industrial lifting applications within confined spaces.

  • CB – ATEX

    Lift more safely in environments with combustible gases, vapors, and dust. KITO’s CB-ATEX series explosion-proof hand chain hoist is perfect for petroleum, gas, pharmaceutical, and food industries - or any environment where the use of anti-sparking equipment can improve safety.

  • High Speed CB

    KITO has achieved rapid no-load operation with its unique automatic high/low-speed clutch technology developed in-house, for a no-load lifting speed seven times faster! A speed-change gear is located behind the brake for absolute safety.
    The hoist boasts high operability under load, equivalent to standard specifications. This eliminates the stress workers previously endured in preparing for fieldwork. Available in capacities from 2.5 to 50 ton.